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Checklist for Choosing a Pet Health Insurance Provider and Policy

By January 3, 2014 Uncategorized


  • How does this provider handle renewals?  (Example:  If my pet is diagnosed with hip dysplasia one year, is that problem considered a chronic or pre-existing condition when the policy comes up for renewal?)
  • Are there any complaints about this provider on record at the Better Business Bureau?
  • Does this provider have good ratings at independent websites that review and/or publish customer ratings of pet health insurance companies?
  • Are this provider and the person selling the insurance licensed in my state?
  • Does this provider offer high deductible policies?
  • Does this provider offer a money-back, trial period for new subscribers?
  • Does this provider exclude coverage for pets the same species, breed, and age as mine?
  • Did this provider respond quickly and thoroughly when I requested more information?
  • Will this provider allow me to change or revise my pet’s policy before the renewal date without charge?
  • Does this provider offer multiple pet discounts?
  • Did my veterinarian recommend this provider?
  • Will this provider reimburse services provided by my veterinarian, or am I required to use a veterinarian in this provider’s network?
  • Is the information I received from the provider consistent with I read on the company’s website and in its brochures?
  • Will this provider accept my pet for coverage if a different company provided health insurance for my pet in the past?
  • Am I comfortable with this provider’s complaint process?
  • Does this provider have an appeals process I can use if my claim is denied?


  • Do I understand exactly what the policy covers?
  • Can I afford the monthly premium, deductible and required co-pay?
  • How much coverage does this policy provide for chronic, hereditary or pre-existing conditions?
  • Does this policy cover preventive care, and does that coverage justify a higher premium?
  • Are there certain types of accidents or health problems that aren’t covered?
  • How are claims submitted?  How long do I have to submit a claim?  Will my costs change based on the number of claims I submit?
  • How long does it take, on average, to be reimbursed?
  • Does this policy use a list of “usual and customary fees” to determine how much I will be reimbursed?  Is that up to date?  Are the fees consistent with what my veterinarian expects to charge?
  • Is there a penalty if I cancel my policy?


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