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What Are the Facts About Grains in Pet Foods?

By August 13, 2013 Uncategorized

Probably the most common misconceptions about grains in pet foods are that grains are poorly digestible, lack nutritional value and can cause allergies.  Digestibility of grains is influenced by proper cooking.  Whole, uncooked grains (imagine raw rice) are poorly digestible in pets and people, but properly cooked grains are highly digestible.  Independent research documented that both dogs and cats can digest the carbohydrates from grains with an efficacy of greater than 90%.  Grains are a great source of many nutrients.  Used primarily as a carbohydrate or energy source, they also contain dietary fiber, essential fatty acids. protein, vitamins and minerals.  Concentrated protein sources, such as corn gluten meal, can be made from grains by removing the starch and fats.  These concentrated vegetable protein ingredients are a highly digestible source of many essential amino acids and can be an important part of a balanced diet when used with complementary proteins.  Food allergies are caused by an inappropriate immune reaction to normal dietary proteins, so allergies to the proteins in grains can occur.  However, allergies to grains are far less common than allergies to other protein sources.

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